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Qualified Eco Shamanic Practitioner

Eco represents ‘Earth’. As we enter this new century, it is becoming more and more necessary to see ourselves as Earth, to see, hear, touch, taste and feel ourselves ‘as’ Earth rather than being ‘on’ it.

To really connect with our five senses. To wake up our sixth senses. Our spiritual guide within us. Ecology is the study of interactions among organisms and their environment. Shamanism is an ancient cross cultural technique used to access the spirit world in order to gain healing, information and advice in our daily lives.

Eco Shamanism helps bring the world of spirit and our sensate world into a closer communion. Eco Shamanic healing is dependent on the ‘more human world or beings’. It is a process whereby we take our problems, questions and concerns out into nature and work directly in the Middle World.

There are a range of practices and techniques which accompany this work – the most important having the ability to commune with nature with our six senses. This relies on opening our hearts to the truths that are reflected back to us from ‘becoming the earth’. It is a fundamental understanding that people are an integral part of the natural world and every earthly form is animated by its own soul or life force.

A person may feel the need to use shamanic work to heal a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma or to find a new direction or a feeling of need to connect more strongly with Spirit. Clients are taken on a journey of discovery. The principle purpose is to assist find ones ‘Spirit lead path’.

Extraction Medicine
This is a method of healing that can remove any Spiritual blockages that are causing problems within the body. This could be manifesting emotionally, physically or psychologically. You don’t have to aware of when they were picked up but this happens in a variety of ways including direct confrontation. The removal of these blockages can help clear space for the return of soul essences. Following the removal, a power animal is retrieved in order to act as a protective in assisting spirit.

Soul Retrieval
People feel sometimes that ‘something is missing’. They have little energy or no lust for life. Dissociated in some way. This form of healing allows soul essences that have been lost during previous life traumas (accidents, grief, shock, abuse etc) to return to their body. It is a very nurturing way of resorting balance in the body that can empower a person, so they feel solid in themselves and now that they truly belong here. It is often described as a feeling of coming home again.

Distance Healing
All the above shamanic healings can be undertaken using distance healing. This is carried out tuning into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy of the client.

Divination Healing
Oracular work using tools to foresee the future based on the present or past. Helps us see what’s going on in our lives, families, and business. We see how the past has shaped the present and how current actions can shape the future, including magical and spiritual efforts.

Eco Mapping
Stitching our inside stories into the outside world and letting the outside world stitch its stories into our inside world. Spirit healing for humans using perception and perspective . Taking a guided walk in nature, using omens and metaphors creating new maps. ‘Greater part of the soul is outside of the body’. Create new maps by encountering spirit in our outer environment as a direct reflection of ones inner spirit using our senses to receive direction.

End of Life Journey
A guided meditation journey for a peaceful passing, with the intention of eliminating fear and anxiety.

Fee per session – £85.00 (2 hours + preliminary diagnostic work). Email to book your session


Spring 2019 Update

Welcome The Spirit Of The Spring! 

Hey, Spring is coming!

You know that Spring has fully arrived when you see lambs skipping across the fields.  It hasn’t been an artic winter but nevertheless it’s so joyous to feel the strength of the sun again.  Being able to shed coats and scarfs……  Mustn’t speak too soon but as we approach the Easter weekend, apparently its going to reach 20 degrees. Enjoy!

Eco Shamanic Practitioners course

I have been deep nearing the end of my Eco Shamanic Practitioners course with Mandy Pullen.  Looking to qualify in June and am looking forward to working with various methods of healing, Eco Mapping, Divination work, Soul Retrieval etc.  It has been totally mind blowing in a way that I did not expect.  It has highlighted my connection with nature and taught me how to respect our environment more and work with it rather than against it. More on Mandy’s website

Grace Davies and I at The Woodland Trust – join us!

Yoga at The Woodland Trust

I am working with the Woodland Trust and teaching some ‘Woodland Yoga’ in the Hargate Forest with Grace Davies. 

Sundays 5th May, 30th June, 28th July and 18th August.  10.00am – Connect with nature in the beautiful surroundings of Hargate Forest during a Woodland Yoga session.  I am trained in Sivananda Yoga and am planning to use the trees as props so as to deepen our connection to nature. More info and to book tickets.

NADA Training

I have just spent four days helping facilitate a NADA training at the Addiction Recovery Community (ARC) Hounslow.  As always such a great experience spreading the NADA word and passing it on. I am now holding a monthly NADA two hour session at The Hospice in the Weald (Pembury) primarily for the Hospice employers, also for family of the patients. We had great attendance for the first session and looking forward to building it up.

Vision Quest in Spain

I am away for 3 weeks in May supporting at a Vision Quest in Tarragona in Spain and plan to return full of vim and vigour ready to embrace the beauty of summer!

Mountains in Tarrgona

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you soon.

Sarah Clifford x


Summer 2018 Update

What a stunning, beautiful summer we are having…………….. I do hope everyone is taking full advantage of it and dropping SOME CHORES, as we need to grab it while we can.

Love Match Retreat

A month ago I spent a lovely, healing weekend at a country house in Colchester (Stanway pictured above) with 8 delightful ladies on a Love Match Retreat. The CEO Genevieve who delivered the Life Coaching, Angela who is a Clinical Psychologist and delivered some unbelievable lectures on Attachment Styles, Family Patterns and Narcissist Tests (Yes, we had to fill it out too)!!!!!!!!, we all have narcissistic behaviour in us.  I learnt so much about others and myself.  I delivered the Meditation, Acupuncture Treatment together with Healing and on the Saturday led a Fire Ceremony with the intention of ‘Letting Go’. Their website is now live, however they are already taking bookings for the next one which is running Friday 16thNovember until Monday 19thNovember.  If anyone is interested, please contact Genevieve by email  I was so impressed learning and understanding behaviour that I am going to ask Angela is she will come down to ReTreat in Tunbridge Wells and run a day for us locally. I will keep you posted on dates for that.

Woodlands Wellbeing Festival sadly cancelled

Hargate forest

Unfortunately the Woodland Wellbeing Festival day had to be cancelled which was a shame as I was scheduled to run 3 meditative walks.

I am planning to run one in Hargate Forest before October which will be on the ReTreat Yoga website, please check in News plus a good hearty breakfast afterwards. Email me here if you’d like to book a space

Eco Shamanic Course

I attended my second Eco Shamanic Course weekend in Glos in July which was intense and enlightening. The theme for the weekend was ‘Getting into our Earth’.

More to be shared as I go forward!

WeWorks ear acupuncture

WeWorks Summer Camp UK 2018

I have been invited back to WeWorks Summer Camp UK 16th August 2018 to run the Meditation plus the NADA protocol. (Ear Acupuncture) which I am very much looking forward to at the beautiful Eridge Estate.

Wilderness Festival

Till the next time

Stay Cool and Summer Happy.

Love and Light

Sarah Xxx


2018 Summer events and new classes

Practicing Sivananda

Sivananda Yoga Classes in Speldhurst

At the moment I am in the process of setting up a Sivananda Yoga Class maybe in Speldhurst and possible at ReTreat at some time in the future. I am available for bespoke sessions at home incorporating Pranayama and Meditation. Call me for details 07941 267 818

Mind Calm in Tunbridge Wells

Another excitement is the opening of  launched by my friend and colleague Anna Robertshaw. Check out the website to see what Yoga classes are available. I am running a Mind slot every Wednesday from 11.00 to 12.00. This includes 5 point protocol Ear Acupuncture for relaxation and balance (optional) and guided meditation. Anna has a very holistic approach to wellbeing and health. It’s a beautiful space that I think will grow and evolve.

Meditative walks at the Woodland Wellbeing Festival

An exciting date for your diary is Sunday 29th July at Hargate Forest. This is situated on Broadwater Down on the outskirts of Royal Tunbridge Wells. Please go to  Check it out. I shall be running 3 Meditative Walks during the day.  The details will be on the website. It’s a beautiful wood to explore and lots will be going on.



Spring update 2018

It has certainly been a busy few months.  One of my New Year Commitments was too try and do less and make more time!!!! Well for sure at the moment that has certainly not happened…….. However Spring has Sprung, light mornings, grass growing, beautiful plants appearing and colour in the garden has arrived. Yippee!

Work has been busy. In April NADA GB held a Mentoring Day for trainers. One of the topics for discussion was: Setting up Training Courses. I am very excited to get going on this. When the 5 point NADA protocol is mentioned, one automatically thinks of Substance Abuse, drugs and alcohol but it goes far wider than that.  The results for PTSD are amazing. Volunteers are working every Tuesday morning implementing this procedure as a drop in service for victims of the Grenfell Fire. It is open to anyone. The clients get to come in, receive the ear acupuncture, are left to sit for as long as they require under quiet supervision. Primarily this treatment allows for the Mind and Body to relax to allowing healing. One of my aims this year is to try and spread the work to Care Homes, Hospitals, Teachers in Schools, Paramedics and on and on. People can lead such stressful lives with so much expected of them, it’s hard sometimes to cope with the stress. I am hoping to be able to go into these places of work and train up individuals to be able to carry the protocol out for themselves to treat their staff resulting in a more balanced, calmer working environment – and who doesn’t want that????

Gorgeous lambs at the course in Gloucester

I have just started my Eco Shamanic Practitioners Course in Gloucestershire.

What a wonderful weekend of Sun, Rain, Fire and Earth. We were initiated out of the Ego and into the Eco!!!!! I can already see that this is going to take my work to another level to offer deeper relaxation and healing. Working much closer to Nature on a level that I have not experience before and I am very excited to see it expand.

Enjoy the beginning of a new season and hope to see you soon.

Love and Light Sarah Xx



Brrrr from chilly Speldhurst.

After a truly wonderful summer retreat in Wilderness, South Africa it is back to the English mid winter.  Socks,  log burners, tea and digestives……….

Although I have been to South Africa before, I have never been to Wilderness.  What a truly magical place.  Bigger than a village and smaller than a town, it seemed to have everything that we needed.  Although we had some rain,  the weather was wonderful.  To be bare sleeved in T shirts and not to think about jumpers and coats was such a treat.  A really good dose of Vitamin D was received. Continue Reading


Interview with Kate Kozenkova at WeWorks Festival August 2017

Thrilled to spend some time with Kate at the WeWorks Summer Camp festival last month. Shortly to be published on her website

We spoke in depth about my feelings and views on life and being woman in 2017 and how to successfully evolve and use my tool-kit to deal with day-to-day challenges. is a mindfulness platform where you’ll find tools to live a spiritual meaningful life as a modern successful woman. Blog, Guided Meditations, S.P.I.R.I.T. Academy and more.


January 18 Yoga Retreat in South Africa

Join Jade Cutler and Sarah Clifford to explore and experience ‘Wilderness’ in South Africa and the beautiful garden route during Summertime in the Southern Hemisphere from 21st – 31st January 2018.

Meditation and Yoga will be available twice a day. We are both very excited to share this experience and hope you can join us.

With Wilderness as our base, there is so much to explore and natural beauty is abound everywhere. Hiking, Canoeing, Bird Watching, Wild Swimming, Paddle boarding and of course not forgetting Paragliding. Enjoy a glorious selection of exotic fruits often picked in the locale, as well as the stunning African sunsets with a chilled glass of wine. The B&B’s are of a very high standard and will surpass any expectation.

Let this be the beginning of what can be an extended and unforgettable adventure in Africa, possibly taking in Victoria Falls and a game reserve of your choice, for example the amazing Addo Elephant Park.

For any further inquires or advice please call Jade on: 07918 761083 or email




Summer Update

Summer greetings to you all. After re reading my last news, my finishing line was ‘Watch how My Change pans out’??

I was off to Rudraprayag at the foot of the Himalayes for a month of Teacher Training of Sivananda Yoga. What an experience that was….. Met some wonderful people all round the world, shared experiences and was seriously tested. Continue Reading


Summer Camp WeWork Review at Eridge Park

A great event at Eridge Park, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9JT over the weekend 18th, 19th and 20th August.

There were bars, boutique camping, wellness and fitness classes, networking workshops, music, dance parties, lake boating and wild swimming, team sports and games, classic camp activities, archery and wildness walks, creative workshops and SO MUCH MORE.

I am ran guided meditations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and a talk on ‘WHY MEDITATE’.

Such a great experience and plan to do many more festivals next year, focusing on Detox treatments and programmes.