Qualified Eco Shamanic Practitioner

Eco represents ‘Earth’. As we enter this new century, it is becoming more and more necessary to see ourselves as Earth, to see, hear, touch, taste and feel ourselves ‘as’ Earth rather than being ‘on’ it.

To really connect with our five senses. To wake up our sixth senses. Our spiritual guide within us. Ecology is the study of interactions among organisms and their environment. Shamanism is an ancient cross cultural technique used to access the spirit world in order to gain healing, information and advice in our daily lives.

Eco Shamanism helps bring the world of spirit and our sensate world into a closer communion. Eco Shamanic healing is dependent on the ‘more human world or beings’. It is a process whereby we take our problems, questions and concerns out into nature and work directly in the Middle World.

There are a range of practices and techniques which accompany this work – the most important having the ability to commune with nature with our six senses. This relies on opening our hearts to the truths that are reflected back to us from ‘becoming the earth’. It is a fundamental understanding that people are an integral part of the natural world and every earthly form is animated by its own soul or life force.

A person may feel the need to use shamanic work to heal a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma or to find a new direction or a feeling of need to connect more strongly with Spirit. Clients are taken on a journey of discovery. The principle purpose is to assist find ones ‘Spirit lead path’.

Extraction Medicine
This is a method of healing that can remove any Spiritual blockages that are causing problems within the body. This could be manifesting emotionally, physically or psychologically. You don’t have to aware of when they were picked up but this happens in a variety of ways including direct confrontation. The removal of these blockages can help clear space for the return of soul essences. Following the removal, a power animal is retrieved in order to act as a protective in assisting spirit.

Soul Retrieval
People feel sometimes that ‘something is missing’. They have little energy or no lust for life. Dissociated in some way. This form of healing allows soul essences that have been lost during previous life traumas (accidents, grief, shock, abuse etc) to return to their body. It is a very nurturing way of resorting balance in the body that can empower a person, so they feel solid in themselves and now that they truly belong here. It is often described as a feeling of coming home again.

Distance Healing
All the above shamanic healings can be undertaken using distance healing. This is carried out tuning into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy of the client.

Divination Healing
Oracular work using tools to foresee the future based on the present or past. Helps us see what’s going on in our lives, families, and business. We see how the past has shaped the present and how current actions can shape the future, including magical and spiritual efforts.

Eco Mapping
Stitching our inside stories into the outside world and letting the outside world stitch its stories into our inside world. Spirit healing for humans using perception and perspective . Taking a guided walk in nature, using omens and metaphors creating new maps. ‘Greater part of the soul is outside of the body’. Create new maps by encountering spirit in our outer environment as a direct reflection of ones inner spirit using our senses to receive direction.

End of Life Journey
A guided meditation journey for a peaceful passing, with the intention of eliminating fear and anxiety.

Fee per session – £85.00 (2 hours + preliminary diagnostic work). Email to book your session

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