Constitutional Facial Acupuncture | facial acupuncture

  • Improved collagen/elastin production
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Help to reduce under eye bags and general sagging in the neck, jaw, naslabial fold, puffiness, fine lines and larger wrinkles


After completing a course to administer Facial Acupuncture in 2009 with Amanda Shayle, which concentrated mainly on facial rejuvenation and anti-aging, I then became interested in the face as a micro-system and last year completed further training with John Tindall at the Yuan Clinic.

In the world we live in, we are bombarded with images and literature of ‘youth’ and ‘turning back the years’. It seems 70 is the new 50.

There seems to be a growing demand for an organic, natural process of aging that links the Mind – Body – Spirit. Constitutional Facial Acupuncture offers this, as over a period of treatments, it digs deep and finds the inner beauty and radiance within the person and brings it to the surface. It offers a preventative to surgery and other invasive procedures whilst also addressing their physical balance at the same time offering an all round holistic treatment.

facialacupunctureConstitutional Facial Acupuncture is best effective over a course of 10 sessions weekly. When going through the consultation for form with my clients, I made sure that they understood that ‘a face lift treatment’ does not compare with a procedure performed by a surgeon and that although they would see early changes such as softness and radiance, the treatment would continue to evolve and work long after they had left. I also spend time focusing on their lifestyle, nutrition, diet, exercise and sleep. For example if poor nutrition was a factor, the results of the treatment would not be as effective.

When the face is needled, blood and Qi flow to the area transporting nutrients to the cells. Needling the face also creates a positive microtrauma and activates the body’s wound healing response. This in turn stimulates the fibroblasts and can promote increased production of collagen/elastin.

This constitutional treatment benefits and balances both face and body. Patients not only look refreshed, but they also feel better.

10 Treatments advised weekly followed by a monthly top up.
Price for treatment £65.00
Price for treatment WITH LED light therapy: £85.00

Having had  anti aging facial  acupuncture treatments with Sarah,  my skin is glowing and feeling really nourished…radiating from the inside out. Highly recommended!!! Sarah is warm, friendly , open , so you feel that you are in very good hands in a comfortable environment. Thank you Sarah for all your care and guidance” Jade