LED Light Therapy


Light Frequencies may be the missing link to your health. Discovered originally by NASA. Currently used by Navy Seal’s physiotherapy unit and achieving 44% faster return to the field

The Benefits:

  • Improved Circulation – Oxygenates tissue, nitric oxide release and increased formation of new capillaries. For conditions such as peripheral neuropathy
  • Stimulates Collagen Production – Tissue regeneration, skin problems and ageing issues
  • Improves Cellular Function – Essential for wound healing, new connective tissue and bone health. Also helps with regeneration of nerve cells
  • Pain Relief – Reduces nerve excitability and inflammation
  • Detoxification – Increases lymphatic function to remove toxins
  • Anti-bacterial – Eradicates MRSA, certain forms of strep, staph and fungal infections on exposure to blue light
  • Assists Mood Disorders – Increased serotonin production, improved parasympathetic response. Helps stress and depression

Light therapy is a preventative and restorative treatment for anyone who would like to feel their best rom day to day.  Like nutrition, exercise and stress relief, LED light therapy can have profound effects on mental and physical wellbeing. Whatever your goal is, LED therapy is part of a lifestyle that supports the entire body.

Polychromatic light therapy means that more than one light wavelength or colour is used simultaneously.  We use at least two different light wavelengths in every pad.

This is offered as a Stand Alone Therapy, alternatively combined with Acupuncture and to boost immune system for maximum results. Read article on combining LED and facial acupuncturex

Price for facial acupuncture treatment WITH LED light therapy £85.00 per hour