Spring update 2018

It has certainly been a busy few months.  One of my New Year Commitments was too try and do less and make more time!!!! Well for sure at the moment that has certainly not happened…….. However Spring has Sprung, light mornings, grass growing, beautiful plants appearing and colour in the garden has arrived. Yippee!

Work has been busy. In April NADA GB held a Mentoring Day for trainers. One of the topics for discussion was: Setting up Training Courses. I am very excited to get going on this. When the 5 point NADA protocol is mentioned, one automatically thinks of Substance Abuse, drugs and alcohol but it goes far wider than that.  The results for PTSD are amazing. Volunteers are working every Tuesday morning implementing this procedure as a drop in service for victims of the Grenfell Fire. It is open to anyone. The clients get to come in, receive the ear acupuncture, are left to sit for as long as they require under quiet supervision. Primarily this treatment allows for the Mind and Body to relax to allowing healing. One of my aims this year is to try and spread the work to Care Homes, Hospitals, Teachers in Schools, Paramedics and on and on. People can lead such stressful lives with so much expected of them, it’s hard sometimes to cope with the stress. I am hoping to be able to go into these places of work and train up individuals to be able to carry the protocol out for themselves to treat their staff resulting in a more balanced, calmer working environment – and who doesn’t want that????

Gorgeous lambs at the course in Gloucester

I have just started my Eco Shamanic Practitioners Course in Gloucestershire.

What a wonderful weekend of Sun, Rain, Fire and Earth. We were initiated out of the Ego and into the Eco!!!!! I can already see that this is going to take my work to another level to offer deeper relaxation and healing. Working much closer to Nature on a level that I have not experience before and I am very excited to see it expand.

Enjoy the beginning of a new season and hope to see you soon.

Love and Light Sarah Xx


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