Summer Update

Summer greetings to you all. After re reading my last news, my finishing line was ‘Watch how My Change pans out’??

I was off to Rudraprayag at the foot of the Himalayes for a month of Teacher Training of Sivananda Yoga. What an experience that was….. Met some wonderful people all round the world, shared experiences and was seriously tested.

My day started at 5.15 and was full on until 9.30pm. It took me a long time to decide to go as I knew how challenging it would be but it gave me everything I wanted and more. Yoga in the West is thought of as exercise but in India its much more, it’s a way of life. Its really about being an Ambassador for World Peace and being the best person you can be. When I went to India, I started the course I had no intention to teach but now, well, I have changed my mind!!!! Every Tuesday I go to the Sivananda Centre in London, attend a class, do some Karma Yoga and have started assisting to the view of teaching. Oh my, for someone who doesn’t know their left to right this, this could be entertainment!!!!!!

Work has been super busy this summer which is always energising. I have been doing quite a few Mind Calm Workshops at home. One particularly rewarding session for the under 25’s and more concentrating on anxiety and coping with life with a peaceful mind.

We are nearly at the end of July. Even though as I type this it’s a bit rainy, I think it has been a beautiful warm summer so far and lets hope it continues. I love the seasons, especially September. There is always that memory of going back to school with ‘New Everything’ . I had a terrible stationary habit. The Summer is full of Fun, Rose and Crisps. When Autumn looms its time to pull everything together. New Plans – New Starts and New Challenges……..


Come and see me to get Energised and a MOT…………

Peace peace peace – with Love Sarah














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