Summer 2020 Newsletter

Welcome back !!! I have missed you all.  It certainly has been a very extraordinary period but now we are integrating ourselves back to the real world and all that comes with it.  Please check out on the news page the COVID – 19 Safety Policy that’s now in place.

I have been working a lot with the magic of the moon cycles which seems to have readjusted my balance and I look forward to delving deeper into Lunar Living.

Summer Solstice took a virtual turn as obviously it was not possible to celebrate with friends.  However I drew and coloured a mood board.  One side with ‘letting go and the other with ‘letting in’. Here at the peak of this active solar energy, a transformation and alchemy takes place.  The active principle now fires up the inner journey, bringing spiritual rebirth and completion of our whole selves.  Celebrate the death and rebirth of the great cycle of the year.  As the power of the outer realms wane, the power of the inner realms will expand and we are made whole.

I got up at 3.30am and made my way to Penshurst Place, which was the highest point I could think off.  The weather wasn’t great so my expectations were low of actually seeing too much.  What a wonderful surprise I was in for…….. It was truly magical.  I then walked for an hour and enjoyed the peace and the bird song.

So another phase has started.  My focus is on Mental Health.  This is a period where there is a lot of uncertainty and it going to be vital to keep up our immune systems in tip top shape and to find some spiritual practice to shake off any residing fear, anxiety, anger and depression.

I am offering 20% of ALL treatments for July and August.  Please email at or call on 079412671819

With love and light



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