Imbolc Newsletter – February 2022


Hurrah Hurrah, the days are beginning to lengthen!

Since Samhain, my intention was to slow down and try to match the energy of the earth.  Rest more, read more and sleep more.  However, easy to say.  Life gets in the way.  Unexpected situations pop up that need to be dealt with and in the end I sort of gave up on my intention as it was just getting so frustrating.

Then due to Omicron, Christmas was cancelled and I decided to jump on this opportunity of quiet.  I almost felt like I have been given a gift.  It was up to me to make the most of it.  I had beautiful invites I could have attended and was so tempted but just decided to close down, switch off the phone and hibernate and LISTEN.

I did some Eco Mapping walks, some Divination.  Sat by the fire, Read, Journeyed and sat with myself with very little distraction.  (Unbelievable for me who has the focus of a squirrel)!!!!!  I worked on a wonderful reflection sheet that enabled me to really look back at 2021 and delve into intentions, achievements, challenges.  It was an interesting exercise to look back before setting some new intentions  going forward for 2022.

I am so happy to have had this opportunity and really can feel we are moving forward into springtime energy.  After getting worried I had lost my MoJo in endless mince pies, I can new feel I am in sinc again with the earth and her cycles.  It’s given me a greater awareness of myself and the journey I am on.

IMBOLC is the time for lighting a candle and placing it on a windowsill to welcome the spirit of Imbolc in to your home.  A day to celebrate the return of light.  Imbolc falls halfway  between the  Winter solstice and Spring equinox and honors the Goddess Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fire, Poetry, Healing.   It is a time to let to  let go the of the past and look towards the future.  A time of cleansing, purification and wish-making.  To plant the seeds for a new vision for 2022.  To watch with delight as the snowdrops show themselves to the light.

I am fully back to work in Speldhurst.  Please contact me if you would like some nurturing holistic treatments.

Wishing you all love and blessings.

Sarah Xx



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